House Rules

FACILITIES: Inside each apartment there is a descriptive inventory of the equipment, including a list with photos of valuables. The client is required to check the condition and equipment of the apartment and if they find any damage or lack therein, they must immediately notify the Reception within 2 hours of check-in. Any damage caused during the stay must be reported immediately. The apartment will be checked periodically during the stay and during check-out by the staff.


PROHIBITIONS AND PENALTIES: The accommodation must be returned in an orderly state with particular attention to the separation of waste. It will be the customer’s responsibility to correctly place all waste in the containers provided. It is forbidden to transfer outdoor furniture inside and to move furniture inside and between the rooms. 24-hour number for technical emergencies only Tel. +39 3711542385. Flat-rate penalty equal to €50.00.


DEPOSIT: Per residential unit booked, a security deposit of 200 Euros is required, blocked on the customer’s credit card, as a guarantee for waste separation carried out incorrectly, any damage and/or petty theft. In the event of damage and/or theft of an amount greater than 200 Euros, the Staff of the Antico Verbano Resort shall proceed to charge the customer’s credit card, following a reasoned notification, for a sum equal to the estimated value of the damage and/or theft. At the end of the stay, the security deposit shall be released by the staff following the general inspection of the condition of the apartment.


PETS (dogs and cats): Pets cannot be left alone in the apartments in the absence of people able to take care of them and are not allowed in the swimming pool-solarium area.


THE RESORT:The Resort is not responsible for any theft or damage during the stay. In the event of suspension of electricity-gas-water supplies due to the supply company or due to the municipality or other causes of force majeure, the company declines all responsibility and is not liable for any reimbursement.


BEHAVIOUR: Behaviour that disturbs the peace and safety of guests shall result in the removal of the guest. The client is formally obliged to declare the presence of all the guests occupying the apartment and to enforce these regulations.


LAKE AREA AND SWIMMING POOL-SOLARIUM: There are signs in the lake area that show all the conditions of the regulations for the use of the pools. Minors present in the aforementioned areas must never be left alone or unsupervised. The owner declines all responsibility. Bathing is prohibited in the absence of the lifeguard. The use of the Lake area is exclusively at your own risk, under your own full responsibility, as it is not provided with any lifeguard or rescue service. The use of the pools is only permitted to guests of the “ANTICO VERBANO” Resort. For hygiene purposes, it is always mandatory to take a shower before entering the water and rinse your feet in the appropriate sanitised pool. It is forbidden to use the towels supplied with the apartments. For obvious safety reasons, it is forbidden to run on the poolside, push other bathers into the water or dive. We remind you that the maximum depth of the pool is 140 cm. In any case, guests are required to observe all the laws in force, even if not reported here, and to behave prudently, cautiously and with the requisite level of common sense.